Logotype design 

Logotypes designed by Lokrantz & Co


Hip.ie is a value based brand for the modern women who priors equality and environmental issues and want their conscious choices to show. Hip.ie creates unique suits and blazers with a design amazed by handicraft & artisanal art.

Hip.ie will launch early summer 2019.



Wudd is a newly started construction company. Wudd builds industry and office building made out of wood. Building with wood is great for the environment and the health of the people spending their days between the wooden walls.

Lokrantz & Co created name and logotype in 2018. The name is a combination of the name of Wudd’s founder David Uddare Sevelin’s and the construction material, wood.


Gina Tricot

The Gina Tricot concept, brand name, visual identity and logotype was created by Elsa Lokrantz in 1997.

Jörgen Applequist came to Brindfors Annonsbyrå with his new retail concept. He needed a name, a logo and a communication concept. His original business idea was to sell fashionable tops made of tricot, at a reasonable price. A concept that later developed in to a wider range of fast fashion.

Elsa Lokrantz was given the assignment and created the name “Gina Tricot”, the logotype and developed the communication concept “Nyheter varje vecka” (news every week).


Stockholm Market

A high end multi brand store in Stockholm 2011-2013. Lokrantz & Co designed the concept, including logotype and graphic profile.

In 2012 the brand was so established and well known that the store became a recurrent spot in the hugely popular TV series Solsidan in Sweden.


Maruschka De Margo

Logotype designed for the premium brand store in 2012.


Avalon Capital

Logotype, graphic profile and webb page designed for the Swiss corporate finance firm in 2016.


Söderberg agentur

Logotype designed in 2002

LokrantzCo Logotyper, produktion och insta-skiss Söderberg.001.jpeg