Maruschka De Margò

Maruschka De Margò is a premium brand store in Stockholm. Lokrantz & co designed their logo in 2012 and have designed several ads for print and social media.

Maruschka and Margò have long experience of selling premium fashion. Margò Fallai was one of the first to import haute couture to Sweden in the 1970s and had the famous boutique, Boutique Margot on Hamngatan in Stockholm. Margò ran Yves Saint Laurent boutiques in Los Angeles and was the first to sell Versace in New York.

Today, the store Maruschka de Margò is located in Sturegallerian in Stockholm. Here you will find clothes and accessories from international designers for the woman with high demands on design, quality, style and service.


Spring 2019

Print ads for Svenska Dagbladet and other daily press. Digital versions for Instagram and Instagram stories.

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Christmas 2018

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Fall/Spring 2016/2017

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